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Helloooooooo Stranger!   
11:03pm 27/05/2004
mood: hopeful
well, stephanie has inspired me to update my journal as well. hers was very nice, talking about high school... college.... years to come.... very inspiring.... i commented and shared my thoughts so i wont liter my journal with the same thing.... repetitiveness gets old... so if u'd like to see it go to her journal ( www.livejournal.com/users/duckielaroo ) and click on "rip a page".... there is where you'll find my wittyness:)

wear your seatbelt.... ever go around a corner too fast and go... "hmmm good thing i got this thing on...." or "oh shit i knew there was a reason for those stupid things!!!!" haha... jsut f*n wear the seatbelt...

school is almost done... thank god! this is definately by far one of the worst years... lol... i shouldnt say that.... alot of stuff ahs happened that i wouldnt change... everything happens for a reason so i wouldnt change too much but somethings i would def do different....

saw shrek 2... what a movie! that silly shrek and fiona...

bored \..... tired..... you know the drill.... bedtime calls... this was alme but hey who cares....:)

night night*
Beautiful Night   
01:33pm 25/08/2003
mood: groggy
so this is the last day of summer vacation... and last night was the last real summer night.... it was definatly a great one. chris came over around 7 and we hung out a little then when to see jordan for a little...... he enjoyed that haha. then we went to see cassi and her boy. that was pretty good too. kerry and saide were there so we went to perkins to hang out and talkm and we had soo much fun oh my goodness... they were throwing things and everything... man i was glad i wasnt the waitress hahaha... anyway

im too tired to be funny or tellyou about last night... it was just fun and now today i have work from 4 to 9 which shouldnt be too bad lol... i like working at the video place! and after work i get to go see chris... my life isnt too bad haha....
Home From Newark... This Time To Stay...   
01:36pm 24/08/2003
mood: content
well i got home a little bit ago from getting chris from the airport. his mom, gary, and i had fun though driving down lol. like, ya know how when there is a statue of jesus or soemthing he has his arms kinda spread out cuz its suppose to be a conforting kind of thing. well we went by one because there is a catholic college on the way there (not sure waht one but it has no relevence) and he goes "oh look, jesus is telling us about the big one taht got away, it was thiiiiis big" hahaha it was sooo funny!!!!

on a less "going to hell" note, i was so happy to see chris!! he seemed tired haha i wonder why. his flight left last night cali time and then came in early this morning and he didnt get to sleep on hte plane.. so thats sucky. i hope he feels better after his nap. i don't want to push him though cuz he just had to leave all of his friends and his best friend, and i dont wanna give him the impression that i dont care ya know? but hes coming over tonight abd we're gonna hang out here at my house... and moms not home so this makes my life even better!

on the way home chris and i sat in the back seat. we had pillows and a blanket in case he wanted to sleep ya know? i was just there for the welcoiming committee hehe. anyways.... i had the pillows on my lap.. well kida,, half on my lap half on the seat.. and so chris was sorta laying down and had his head on he pillow and it was so sweet to just see him sleeping... it soudns corny but it was so... soothing... ok now that i sound like an idiot.... we pulled into the house and im like whoa i didnt realize i fel asleep and susan is like eyah we saw... u guys ooked so cute back there hehe im like aww... so it wasa good day.... but tonight will be better hehe...

gotta go straiten up for chris's arrival haha...

Slaps Self In Head... Sleep? Why Bother?   
12:13am 24/08/2003
mood: exhausted
sp o was on my coffee and sugar rush this morning... all exvited to go get chris from the airport with susan and gary... yep... i had a half hour of mother*freaking*sleep.... but i was more than happy because i was going to see chris...

we get to Newark and susan just got done telling me how shed have me go to meet him because they only let one person go up and meet them... so i was so excited cuz i mean she hasnt seen her son in 3 weeks but she was going to let me go see him first! and the lady at the desk infored us taht the ticketr said the 23rd but taht that wasw when he was leaving sacramrnto... we're like are u for freaking real? so we had the wrong morning... one day too early... so anyway... we get back into the car and drive 2 hours home... in the mean time im sad cuz theres no chris with me on the way home... but then realized i get to go tomorrow morning and get him... this kid is great cant wait to see him again!!!!

tonight i also went to the harford fair.... best damn fair in these here parts hehehe... i love the country sometimes lol... we went to see the demolision derby hehehe its so much fun to watch!!! i seriously would love to be in one! i wanna drive a big huge pink cadillac in it hehehehe.... my god it looks so awesome!!!! :):):):):)

well now that its almost midnight and i must be up at 5 am to go get chris... AGAIN.... im gonna go get some rest hehehehe....

who needs sleep when you got coffee and sugar...? beats the sleep outta me!

sweetdreams to you all... and to you late sleepers.... dont talk to me...;)
The Smell Of Waking Up, Is Folger's In A Cup!   
05:46am 23/08/2003
mood: anxious
Soooo Drinking Coffee Right Now!!!

so last night at midnight mom decide;'s we need to take her to the hospital for her foot.... understandbale.... so manry, stephanie Z., mary, mom, and i all get in the car and go.... so now idont get home til 4 this morning.... yes... its is a little after 5 right now.... i just racked myself up an hour of sleep! wooo!!!! im not tired much but my eyes hurt a little lol....

now im off to chris's house so that i can go with his mom and gary to get him from the airport.... imn NEWARK, NEW FREAKING JERSEY! lol...

hmmm ill be all awake when he comes on lol.... im so excired though! man i missed chris!!! lol

tonight it harford fair with cassi... her firned james.... and maube chris... we'll see how tired he is... then again i dont wanna hear anyone talk about how tired they are right now lol.... i mean hello!? ive got one hour of sleep in me haha... oh well... hehe im pretty hyped up so yeah im good hehehehe ok im too giddy right now so im gonna go calm myself and drive to gary and susan's:):)
Hot... Hot... Hot... Warm??? No... Definatly Hot...   
08:08pm 22/08/2003
mood: cheerful
why hello there.... so nice of you to drop in for a visit! please come in... take a seat on my puffy pillow filled couch... would you like a cup of coffe?? iced tea?? WATER!? dammit drink something!!! water? ok surely.... *walks out of room..*

*returns with garden hose* here's ur drink...

ok so my day was hot... so i thought you deserved a garden hose to ya know cool off a bot... maybe take a drink or soemthing.... not to worry... its good.... its not town water hehe.... like i would do that to you.... HAVE FAITH MAN HAVE FAITH!!!

well i tried sleeping thrui today as much as possible... i get to get up early tomorrow morning... same time as if taking mom to dialysis but im not.... im going to the Newark airport in NJ to get chris!!:):):):) i'm tagging along with his mama and gary! woo! how exciting! hehe

2nite is Comedy Central night!!!
Friday Nights Are Great For Dates... And Since Urs Hasnt Showed Up Yet Watch Comedy Central Instead!!!!

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:sunlitdreamz
Your haiku:tell you about my
dream ok so the dream took place
while at the lake
Created by Grahame
01:38am 28/07/2003
mood: refreshed
Its Late... Just Wanted To Say Hey..... HEY~!!!!!! *screams obnoxiously*
07:45am 09/04/2003

go play with your trained dolphins!!!! Steph you betta recognize!!!>:o

nun nun nun nun nun *BANG!!!!!*...... oowwww!!!! ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR........

PEEEEP!!!! PEEEEEEP!!!!:-D 6 OF 'EM!!!!!=-O

brush brush brush our teeth... all hte way to hell.... brush brush brush brush.. brush all the way to to ring the big bell thats shiny!! we love shiny!!!!:-D

*deep grunt* make me! *pouts*:-X

UH OH!!!!!!!!=-O
10:37am 05/04/2003
mood: ecstatic
well i havent beebn writing but maybe i will now i dunno lol.... havent been in the writing mood.... too much school and things to worry bout writing....

today i passed my drivers test and it was so great! i loved it!! my picture even looks good!!! hehehe im so excited! lol the guy was kind of rude and when he got in the car i was like hey!! and hes like pull up.... im like well arent u as sweet as a bowl of peaches.... he kidna laughed and was ike are u gonna parallel park or what? im like sure! haha..... i did that really well.... then he ahd me driving around he back of dunmore by hte industrial park and it was ok lol.... i didnt get any points take off excpet at the end i pulled in "too fast" well he didnt say htt he jes loudly stated thst i should take it easy lol... i told him i was making sure he was paying attention lol. before the test he asked me to use my turn signals to see if they worked... and i did and hes like good girl.... i looked at him and was like... geeze make me soujd like a dog.... not loud enough to hear of coarse lol... but he got better after i caleld him my bowl of peaches haha.... hehe..... ok well i have to go drive by myself to pick mom up now...

then otngiht..... ahhh.... i cant wait!!!

whos got the car tonight??? *jumps up and down screaming* ME!! MEEEEE!!!!!!! woooo!!!!! hehehehehe cant wait!!!!!

my girl stephs only got 6 days left for her big day!!!! congrats love!!!!!
*Yucky Stage* Wooooo!!!!!!!!!   
05:33pm 27/03/2003
mood: blah
may i have your attention please??? lol..... well lately its been kidna boring lol.... ummmm nothing really new is happenin...... i was thiking today about how much i think stephanie is really a 3 year old girl on ritilin.... but eh, i dunno. shes kinda.... ya know... "special" hehe.... thats why i love her so much! lol.... i was thinking of how when were at her dads house it was thundering and lightening and like it was not scary... but freaky cuz its the first time it did it in a while.... and like she would play with soemthing and then throw it across the roomand be like NEXT TOY!!!! im like oh dear god haha.

before that.... we were driving but here dad went into a store real quick and i was soooooo super hyper!! and this group of guys walked out so im screaming "HEY!!! HI!!! HELLO!!!!" but steph would lemme roll my window down... bitch lol..... THEN a white van pulled up and i screamed SNIPER!!!! lol.... it was funny....

ok so last night was the first volleyball game i went to this season..... we won:):):) we were so great hehe out boys are grade A meat!!! they were strippin!!! they were strippin!!!! and my sadie said she felt soggy and i thought of rice krispies so i told her she was my soggy rice crispy hehe

i'm excited cuz i made my appointment for my drivers test.... woo!!! lol cannot wait!!! hehehehe

remember me???

mmhmm..... letr see how things work out....
*Yucky After Feeling*   
02:26pm 25/03/2003
mood: sick
well my temp is kidna going down now... finally!!! i havent written in a while cuz i havent been in a writing mood..... i dont really wanna ight now either.... but i wanted to kinda write and say how great things are..... HA! summer should be on its way but its taking an aweful long detour lol.... dammit to hell.... lol

I'M YO BITCH!!!!!!! hahaha

AE? what? word to your mother? i'm a balla!! holla back!! holla!! yea!!!! :P

that there..... is an RV lol

april ^showers^ bring may *flowers*..... hehe
*When Irish Eyes Are Smiling*   
09:45pm 15/03/2003
mood: tired
today was soo much fun!!!!

steph and i got up about 5 this morning hehe so we could get all redy for our day of IRISH*NESS hehe.... we sprayed our hair green.... wore out pimp hats.... and of coarse i had my green feather boa..... hell yea!! hehe...

so steph and i were in scranton about 630!!! lol mom wanted the front parking spot and of coarse we get ther eand someone in it!! so i wasnt happy at all.... but steph and i left and walked arounf the city for a lil while..... then we were walking back to the car to get warm and we saw the truck leave in front of us... so we moved the car up really quick hehehe.... so mom had a front seat hehe... then steph and i wlaked back to the mall and saw justine and joey!! wow!! fun stiff!! hehe so they hung out with us which was sooo uch fun hehe im glad we saw them!!! we were standing there ya know talking bout how we wwnated to kill all hte little kids and their moms hehe.... then were watching the parade and we saw they had a big balloon... and it was a turtle.... and it ripped on the light.... i felt sooo bad cuz they are so hard to replace and expensive... but we were like "ouch i guess its shell wasnt as hard as they thought it was" lol it was funny when we said that lol....

then i saw ROB THERE!!!!! fucking kill me.... after he said he wasnt going to be there.... the ass.... i'm like oh i see u showed up hes like oh hey! yea.... iml ike mmhmm.... so we talked a couple minutes then he realized i was really angry and kinda tried being nice..... i dont know why i care.... i dont know.... whatever....

then i saw my cousin in hte parade (who i call my uncle cuz hes older lol..... hes the one that owns the pub) and i was like screaming his name!! and he completly ignored me! so i was angry cuz i thought he ignored me.... but i gues after the parade he saw my mom and told her he didnt see me.... so maybe he didnt hear me.... but who cant hear me screaming!? oh well.... he said that when i get my lisense to call him and we'll have breakfast at the pub... his treat! i cant wait! i love my cousin jimmy:):):):):):)

stephanie annie passed my Irish Pal Test lol.... anyone who can get up at 5 in hte morning and walka round scranton all day and not complain definatly passes thet est..... great job steph.... ur an honorary irish girl forever;) congrats!!!

mom and i are looking for other places to live.... its always kinda exciting to move cuz everythings new.... but theres alwyas something u miss ya know? we might move back to he lake though..... that'd be awesome! i miss the lake... i love it so much!!! i'd be like 2 miles from stephanie! lucky girl she is!!! wouldnt ya say!? lol theres a really cool house we were looking at and it has a screeened in pourch.... and a kitchen, dining area, livingroom, bedroom, and bathroom downstairs.... hten upstairs has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom..... i get my own loving area!!! lol my mom will ake the dwn staris bedroom.... im so exvited! lol anywayz...

im soooooo tired....... off to bed..... lol

i cant wait til summer time!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! week long road trips!!!! god i love it!!!!:):):)

*throws self on floor and starts kicking and screaming* I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!!!   
08:15pm 11/03/2003
mood: irritated
i dont feel angry....... i dont feel sad......... just hurt...... not hurt because i've been dissappointed.... but hurt because reality has just hit me with a big sack full of bricks..... im thinking there were some rocks and dirt in the bag too..... rob said oh yes ill be at the parade..... BLAH BLAH BLAH!! guess waht everyone!!! HES A NO SHOW! he decided he "might not go" im like ok fine.... i honestly was not surprised.... its not like i was gonna follow him all day and talk to him too awefully long.... OH MY FUCKING HELL!!!! i wanted to say hey and talk for like five minutes!!! oh wait!! 5 minutes too much time to waste on me..... WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!? *slaps head* silly me!!!..... oh well..... another addition to the broken promises list... not to worry.... im kinda proud.... hes working on a second page.... *laughs* who knows how much he can rack up this summer!

started clearing thigns outta my room in case we wanna move.... or just in general getting SHIT OUT OF MY WAY! mmhmm.... i packed my books and put up my shot glasses..... im gowing up what can ya do?

im really mad bc gas is so expensive!!! how am i gonna do roadtrips with gas prices like this!?!? im gonna have to take lots of people with hem and make them pay for it! lol only way this girl is gonna get around the state this summer..... im thinking phili (JM concert) state college (to see my brother and clarks concert).... down near allentown....(ya know more concerts)

gonna go watch tv and think about how fucking stupid some people are....
06:25pm 09/03/2003
mood: happy
ya know how people always ask "if you could be anyone who would it be?" i do believe i'd wanna be mary kate or ashley lol..... they're soooo great!!!! hehe i mean their movies have absolutly no point but are like the greatest things ever!!!! i love their attitude and style.... but they arent arrogant about anything.... they're just great!! haha and tonight they have a new movie and they are in ROME! wooohooo!!!!

so i was thinking about how people could possibly kill other peole ya know? i ,mean its terrible... i cant even imagine being able to take someone elses life..... it wouldnt be my decision... it would be gods.... and that would really piss him off ya know!? so anyway.... i took this quiz too see whatkind od killer i'd be..... i was laughing when i saw what id be hehehe

You are Mary Bell.
You are Mary Bell. At the ripe old age of 10 you
strangled a neighbor boy, afterwhich you carved
your initals into his skin. At his funreal you
laughed. Your next victim was a 3 year old. You
pushed him off the roof, resulting in a broken
skull. After he was found you went to his
mothers house and asked to see him, she replied
tha t he was dead. You smiled brightly and said
'Oh, I know he's dead. I wanted to see him in
his coffin."
You horrid little girl you.
-smacks your hand-

Which Imfamous criminal are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

oops! *shrugs* what can ya do:P

i watched the travel channel all day today... (except when i was watching mary kate and ashley hehehe) i wanna travel everywhere!!!!!!! hehehehe
Running on the Spiral Road To Nowhere...   
09:46pm 08/03/2003
mood: thoughtful
nothing major happened today....

there was this man who i talked to while i waited for mom to come outta dialysis and he was such a sweetie! He passes away from a heart attack... i cried all morning... im ok now... im just not thinking about it much. i remember talking to him at christmas and him saying how he loved the decorations at christmas and how hed love to see them all year long. it was just so sad because his wife had also passed away... and he took care of his sister... and i mean things were just kinda hard fr him.... but he was still such a sweetheart.... well at least now hes happy and he can have all the christmas decorations he wants in heavan!!!:)

My Husband..... John Mayer.... hes so hot!!!

this summer ladies..... alots changed with sumemr plans... but JOHN MAYER IN CONCERT is still a go!!!! we're gonna scream til we can even talk anymore!!!! omg i cant wait!!!! he might be in scranton this year with counting crows!!! and in phili!!!! oh im so there!!!! i cannot wait!!!!
::I'm Not Fucking Pissed Off... I'm "Freaking Angered"   
08:07pm 05/03/2003
mood: pissed off
well first off i would like to state that i wouldnt participate what-so-ever in trying to put out a fire if our school was the building on fire...... and i'm thinking that a long vacation from my house wouldnt be such a bad idea either.... im thinking beach..... warm beach.... maybe this summer i'll just go on a road trip and ya know waht though? i'd prolly still freak the FUCK out.... didja see that? i said fuck.... OOPS!!!! god fucking dammit to fucking hell!!!!! oh no!!!! shit!! fuck!!! dammit!!! ah, hell!!! i hope mommy reads this:):):):):):)

miss dolly mommy yelled at me today...... no let me correct myself.... it was screaming.... mmhmm.... SCREAMED at me to "stop {my} cursing" as i mumble fuck you under my breath we ate dinner in complete silence... shed ask something id say yes and not even pay attention..... i wouldnt have cared that she told me to stop but jesus christ shes like "I DONT KNOW WHERE THE HELL YOU GET THIS FROM...... blah blah blah" you can only listen to so much before it turns to a screeching sound in your ear.... im like i go to public school!?!?!?!? why is there a question to where i hear it!?!?! seriously! i mean god!!! you go and down the hall and just listen.... seriously listen.... i hear more shit in the hallways of school... not to mention stuff i dont even say!!!

speaking of school.... and problems that wont be solved no matter how much we complain about them... after geometry i had time before study hall so i was like ok well i really need to use the bathroom... so im like yey! bathroom right by my study hall *does happy dance* so i go in put my books on the tacky counter.... and proceed into the bathroom.... at this point i noticed the two scumbags that came into the bathroom before me.... they took up 2 stalls and there were 2 being used.... so im waiting.... really gotta go at this point.... and one of the scumbags removes herself from the stall and as does the other one.... i now duck for cover because this HUGE cloud of smoke is slinking its way outta the stall.... how gross!!! you smoke? fine!!! but dont ruin my clothes with that smell because YOU'RE the idiot who insists on smoking in the bathroom!!! ITS NOT COOL!!!! now i smell like that scumbag... eww!!! how gross!!

*it might be a quarterlife crisis....*

*Stuck inside the Gloom*

i'm pretty sure europe is outta the picture now.... *shrugs* oh well i got the mall.... steph... the gym... the lake.... and summer...... i can do europe whenever i guess....

I'M PISSED OFF!!!...... i'm deeply angered
FUCK YOU!!!.... screw you.... or even better yet.... please refrain from speaking...
STUPID BITCH!!!..... mentally challenged female puppy....
ASSHOLE!!!!..... *sniffles* please remove your head from beind you so you can start to see the light of day...
FUCKER!!!!!..... if you're this angry you're not gonna say anything but fucker..... one slip is allowed and i do believe this is the one you have to say while driving i dont care who you are.... lol.....

BYE!!! *waves*
*Hello.... Can You Hear Me?*   
10:32pm 03/03/2003
mood: happy
Lisa:There's gonna be like 4 of them...
Steph: Are they twins??
Lisa: i said there are FOUR of them!

bye bye fishy... *pukes*

scene starts where stephanie is sitting in hte apartment on the couch with jack daniels bottles and mikes hard lemonade bottles everywhere..... i then look at her and say "steph im going to hte beach" and shes like "yea ill be right there" as she staggers around the house.... she then stops in amazment to be amused by the gracefulness of the clock hands.... *shes drunk what do u expect* scence ends where shes puking on my dead fishy that she swallowed pretending to be in hte mtv production of "jackass"

gonna go to sleep..... party it up!!!
wanna kill who??? oh yes the asshole who gives me bad dreams...   
09:42pm 02/03/2003
mood: nervous
You wanna kill this bitch
Sadaam Hussein, this asshole has pissed you off for
the last time.

What annoying Celebrity would you most likely wanna kill?
brought to you by Quizilla

yes, this is the man i wish death upon.... send my psycho bunny over to kill him.... he'd never suspenct that the little bunny in a straint jacket would kill him hehehehe
*Dreaming Away..... Suddenly CRASH!!*   
08:02pm 02/03/2003
mood: relaxed
Mmmmhhmmm..... so today was my day to sleep in.... woke up at 5 just to a know wiggle around and realixe i get to sleep more.... ya cant help but smile when htat happens... so around 11 i was gracefully sleeping enjoying a dream of college and my roomies... feeling my sheets that i never wanna leave.... when all of a sudden... *CRASH!!!!* i jump up and run to the kitchen... thers=es mom standing there with the hanging plant all over the floor lol.... oh well i hated that flower anyway.... it wasnt even pretty.... it was like..... green.... egh.... oh well.... we threw it out... it was hopeless...

i'm not psycho right!?!?!? right?~!!?!?!? fucking answer!!!! fine!!!

cute but psycho
you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You
adorable, but a little out there. It's alright,
you might not have it all, but there are worse

which happy bunny are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

cute bunny dont ya think;) hell yea! thats the kind of bunny i am!!! *yeys*

cant wait til summer when i can wake up to bird chirping.... jet ski's jettin:P hehe

mom and i were doing dishes and JOHN MAYER came on and mom starting mock sining to it..... then pretended it was in chinese.... it was the funniest fucking thing ever!

cant wait to go st pattys day shopping!!! wooo!!!! steph and i are gonna go buy all kinda of green things hehehe cant wait its gonna rock!!!

just about a month til i get my license!! wooo!!!!

lalalalalallalalalalala gonna fail 3 math tests and history test tomorrow..... bah bye now:P
~*::Tired, Oh So Tired::*~   
02:30pm 01/03/2003
mood: satisfied
i'm a ew days late but i wanted to recap my trip with the ladies!!!

ok so.... the bus ride there.... it was great... we all met at the school and got on the big bus and found good seats the everyone was happy with!! *pats everyone back* great job everyone! challege number 1 of finding a seat was accomlished....

we get to BUCKNELL..... first school of the trip..... we all like jump out of our seats cuz we're all so happy to see it... so we all go into this big semenar room and we're all so quiet... then the lady was talking bout fincial aid and camous life and it was really good and informative... we then go on our tour..... *does a dance* our boys name wsa michael!! woo!!! he was fun!!! he told us alot about campus and walked backwards the whole time and also did stairs (up and down) backwards *applauses* i loved that school though.... its one i could consiter tp appy to someday... also i must add we walked into the bookstore and i saw this guy.... looked exactly like JOHN MAYER!!! holy shit man i was freakin out haha.... ok im done:P

SUSQUAHANNA was really nice but not home*ish or comfortable enough for me.. our tour guide was basically *tour guide ken* his name was adam and he was a blonde football player..... say much? ummm they have lots of parties..... yep! financial aid.... heard it before but hey i can handle more...

SHIPPENSBURG was kinda funky.... literally kidna funky... lol .... it smelled funny.... but after a while u got kidna used to it lol.... steph and i were like omg its chilly in this cafiteria.... we walked in and *WHOOOOOSH!!!!* like 50 kids look at us and we're like ahhh..... hi???? we werent sure if they were overly friendly or overly fuckface*ish..... oh well..... we all had bucknell stuff on so i dunno lol.... not my type of school...

we then took our bus full of unhappy*tired*PMSing*pissed off kids to the historical college of GETTYSBURG.... it was really fun.... they have cute little cafe's everywhere and the tour guide was on speed or something i htink..... she was the sweetest girl but holy shit dude either lay off the crack or share.... *pshhh* financial aid..... really sick of it at this point..... wanna die financial aid lady??? oh and the bookstore lady can die too.... ya wench.... all i wanted was a shotglass.... now i have 5 from other schools but nooo not yous...... *mumbles* stupid bitch

DICKINSON COLLEGE!!! yey!!! dude so we pull up and im like is this the campus!?!?!? and they're like yea.... and i was soooooo excited!!!! i mean dude!!! it was LIMESTONE!!!!!! *screams in pure excitment!* its not brick!! *does dance* its not brick!!!!! couldnt believe it!!! only school that wasnt brick..... ok *whew* had to get that out.... this school was so cool cuz u have to take some kind of lecture hall as a freshmen.... but one of them is a WINE MAKING CLASS!! holy whoa!!! i was so excited!!! the financial lady was like looking at our zombie*ness and was like "thses are the smartest kids from your school?" and laughed... and we all gave her a death stare and we're like die financial aid lady..... die...

last school of our trip.... wanna see some bitches ready to kill anything tht moves or speaks??? take a look at the group of us at this point... now at our 6th school in our 3 day trip and its LEBANON VALLEY... the tour was fine..... we werent really comprehending anything at this point..... we were bascially dead by this time... and we were walking over train tracks.... theres this big over pass type bridge the campus built.... and we saw lights of a train coming and we're all like can we wait!?!? and shes like sure knock urself out... so we all waited.... and the trsain came and went right udner is... and the bridge is all open so its sooo weird!!! extreme awesome feeling! *takes out gun* could u not tell by my face i did not care bout finacial aid anymore!?

HOTEL WAS PURE FUN*NESS!!!! stefana, justine, and brookie all roomed with me.... and in the hotel there were these fench doors kidna.... and u go through thoise and then there are 2 separate hotel rooms.... and u can leave ur main door open and lock the others if u know the people in the next room over.... and we did!!! amanda, kammy, amber, and karen had that room.... so we had fun.... what would we have done if we didnt have our 11:30 porn on HBO lol... cant leave home without it.... luke walked around with girl shorts on.... really hot haha.... then kenny was acting like a little kid who's mom forgot to give him his ritelin...... hmm.... what else... steph was jumping on our beds over and over..... i think she jes wants to be in the circus..... the "clownless" circus lol.... she can be the trampoline girl haha.... also.... we walked in the hotel and we're like wow its fucking cold on here!!! so stephs like here bout this!!!! and pushes the thing over to like 100 degrees.... and we all laughed and forgot bout it... then later we're like holy hell its hot in here!!! and we turned it back ot like 80 lol....

ok gonna go for now.... kidna tired or recapping lol..... see ya