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~*::Tired, Oh So Tired::*~

i'm a ew days late but i wanted to recap my trip with the ladies!!!

ok so.... the bus ride there.... it was great... we all met at the school and got on the big bus and found good seats the everyone was happy with!! *pats everyone back* great job everyone! challege number 1 of finding a seat was accomlished....

we get to BUCKNELL..... first school of the trip..... we all like jump out of our seats cuz we're all so happy to see it... so we all go into this big semenar room and we're all so quiet... then the lady was talking bout fincial aid and camous life and it was really good and informative... we then go on our tour..... *does a dance* our boys name wsa michael!! woo!!! he was fun!!! he told us alot about campus and walked backwards the whole time and also did stairs (up and down) backwards *applauses* i loved that school though.... its one i could consiter tp appy to someday... also i must add we walked into the bookstore and i saw this guy.... looked exactly like JOHN MAYER!!! holy shit man i was freakin out haha.... ok im done:P

SUSQUAHANNA was really nice but not home*ish or comfortable enough for me.. our tour guide was basically *tour guide ken* his name was adam and he was a blonde football player..... say much? ummm they have lots of parties..... yep! financial aid.... heard it before but hey i can handle more...

SHIPPENSBURG was kinda funky.... literally kidna funky... lol .... it smelled funny.... but after a while u got kidna used to it lol.... steph and i were like omg its chilly in this cafiteria.... we walked in and *WHOOOOOSH!!!!* like 50 kids look at us and we're like ahhh..... hi???? we werent sure if they were overly friendly or overly fuckface*ish..... oh well..... we all had bucknell stuff on so i dunno lol.... not my type of school...

we then took our bus full of unhappy*tired*PMSing*pissed off kids to the historical college of GETTYSBURG.... it was really fun.... they have cute little cafe's everywhere and the tour guide was on speed or something i htink..... she was the sweetest girl but holy shit dude either lay off the crack or share.... *pshhh* financial aid..... really sick of it at this point..... wanna die financial aid lady??? oh and the bookstore lady can die too.... ya wench.... all i wanted was a shotglass.... now i have 5 from other schools but nooo not yous...... *mumbles* stupid bitch

DICKINSON COLLEGE!!! yey!!! dude so we pull up and im like is this the campus!?!?!? and they're like yea.... and i was soooooo excited!!!! i mean dude!!! it was LIMESTONE!!!!!! *screams in pure excitment!* its not brick!! *does dance* its not brick!!!!! couldnt believe it!!! only school that wasnt brick..... ok *whew* had to get that out.... this school was so cool cuz u have to take some kind of lecture hall as a freshmen.... but one of them is a WINE MAKING CLASS!! holy whoa!!! i was so excited!!! the financial lady was like looking at our zombie*ness and was like "thses are the smartest kids from your school?" and laughed... and we all gave her a death stare and we're like die financial aid lady..... die...

last school of our trip.... wanna see some bitches ready to kill anything tht moves or speaks??? take a look at the group of us at this point... now at our 6th school in our 3 day trip and its LEBANON VALLEY... the tour was fine..... we werent really comprehending anything at this point..... we were bascially dead by this time... and we were walking over train tracks.... theres this big over pass type bridge the campus built.... and we saw lights of a train coming and we're all like can we wait!?!? and shes like sure knock urself out... so we all waited.... and the trsain came and went right udner is... and the bridge is all open so its sooo weird!!! extreme awesome feeling! *takes out gun* could u not tell by my face i did not care bout finacial aid anymore!?

HOTEL WAS PURE FUN*NESS!!!! stefana, justine, and brookie all roomed with me.... and in the hotel there were these fench doors kidna.... and u go through thoise and then there are 2 separate hotel rooms.... and u can leave ur main door open and lock the others if u know the people in the next room over.... and we did!!! amanda, kammy, amber, and karen had that room.... so we had fun.... what would we have done if we didnt have our 11:30 porn on HBO lol... cant leave home without it.... luke walked around with girl shorts on.... really hot haha.... then kenny was acting like a little kid who's mom forgot to give him his ritelin...... hmm.... what else... steph was jumping on our beds over and over..... i think she jes wants to be in the circus..... the "clownless" circus lol.... she can be the trampoline girl haha.... also.... we walked in the hotel and we're like wow its fucking cold on here!!! so stephs like here bout this!!!! and pushes the thing over to like 100 degrees.... and we all laughed and forgot bout it... then later we're like holy hell its hot in here!!! and we turned it back ot like 80 lol....

ok gonna go for now.... kidna tired or recapping lol..... see ya
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