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::I'm Not Fucking Pissed Off... I'm "Freaking Angered"

well first off i would like to state that i wouldnt participate what-so-ever in trying to put out a fire if our school was the building on fire...... and i'm thinking that a long vacation from my house wouldnt be such a bad idea either.... im thinking beach..... warm beach.... maybe this summer i'll just go on a road trip and ya know waht though? i'd prolly still freak the FUCK out.... didja see that? i said fuck.... OOPS!!!! god fucking dammit to fucking hell!!!!! oh no!!!! shit!! fuck!!! dammit!!! ah, hell!!! i hope mommy reads this:):):):):):)

miss dolly mommy yelled at me today...... no let me correct myself.... it was screaming.... mmhmm.... SCREAMED at me to "stop {my} cursing" as i mumble fuck you under my breath we ate dinner in complete silence... shed ask something id say yes and not even pay attention..... i wouldnt have cared that she told me to stop but jesus christ shes like "I DONT KNOW WHERE THE HELL YOU GET THIS FROM...... blah blah blah" you can only listen to so much before it turns to a screeching sound in your ear.... im like i go to public school!?!?!?!? why is there a question to where i hear it!?!?! seriously! i mean god!!! you go and down the hall and just listen.... seriously listen.... i hear more shit in the hallways of school... not to mention stuff i dont even say!!!

speaking of school.... and problems that wont be solved no matter how much we complain about them... after geometry i had time before study hall so i was like ok well i really need to use the bathroom... so im like yey! bathroom right by my study hall *does happy dance* so i go in put my books on the tacky counter.... and proceed into the bathroom.... at this point i noticed the two scumbags that came into the bathroom before me.... they took up 2 stalls and there were 2 being used.... so im waiting.... really gotta go at this point.... and one of the scumbags removes herself from the stall and as does the other one.... i now duck for cover because this HUGE cloud of smoke is slinking its way outta the stall.... how gross!!! you smoke? fine!!! but dont ruin my clothes with that smell because YOU'RE the idiot who insists on smoking in the bathroom!!! ITS NOT COOL!!!! now i smell like that scumbag... eww!!! how gross!!

*it might be a quarterlife crisis....*

*Stuck inside the Gloom*

i'm pretty sure europe is outta the picture now.... *shrugs* oh well i got the mall.... steph... the gym... the lake.... and summer...... i can do europe whenever i guess....

I'M PISSED OFF!!!...... i'm deeply angered
FUCK YOU!!!.... screw you.... or even better yet.... please refrain from speaking...
STUPID BITCH!!!..... mentally challenged female puppy....
ASSHOLE!!!!..... *sniffles* please remove your head from beind you so you can start to see the light of day...
FUCKER!!!!!..... if you're this angry you're not gonna say anything but fucker..... one slip is allowed and i do believe this is the one you have to say while driving i dont care who you are.... lol.....

BYE!!! *waves*
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