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Running on the Spiral Road To Nowhere...

nothing major happened today....

there was this man who i talked to while i waited for mom to come outta dialysis and he was such a sweetie! He passes away from a heart attack... i cried all morning... im ok now... im just not thinking about it much. i remember talking to him at christmas and him saying how he loved the decorations at christmas and how hed love to see them all year long. it was just so sad because his wife had also passed away... and he took care of his sister... and i mean things were just kinda hard fr him.... but he was still such a sweetheart.... well at least now hes happy and he can have all the christmas decorations he wants in heavan!!!:)

My Husband..... John Mayer.... hes so hot!!!

this summer ladies..... alots changed with sumemr plans... but JOHN MAYER IN CONCERT is still a go!!!! we're gonna scream til we can even talk anymore!!!! omg i cant wait!!!! he might be in scranton this year with counting crows!!! and in phili!!!! oh im so there!!!! i cannot wait!!!!
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