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*throws self on floor and starts kicking and screaming* I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!!!

i dont feel angry....... i dont feel sad......... just hurt...... not hurt because i've been dissappointed.... but hurt because reality has just hit me with a big sack full of bricks..... im thinking there were some rocks and dirt in the bag too..... rob said oh yes ill be at the parade..... BLAH BLAH BLAH!! guess waht everyone!!! HES A NO SHOW! he decided he "might not go" im like ok fine.... i honestly was not surprised.... its not like i was gonna follow him all day and talk to him too awefully long.... OH MY FUCKING HELL!!!! i wanted to say hey and talk for like five minutes!!! oh wait!! 5 minutes too much time to waste on me..... WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!? *slaps head* silly me!!!..... oh well..... another addition to the broken promises list... not to worry.... im kinda proud.... hes working on a second page.... *laughs* who knows how much he can rack up this summer!

started clearing thigns outta my room in case we wanna move.... or just in general getting SHIT OUT OF MY WAY! mmhmm.... i packed my books and put up my shot glasses..... im gowing up what can ya do?

im really mad bc gas is so expensive!!! how am i gonna do roadtrips with gas prices like this!?!? im gonna have to take lots of people with hem and make them pay for it! lol only way this girl is gonna get around the state this summer..... im thinking phili (JM concert) state college (to see my brother and clarks concert).... down near allentown....(ya know more concerts)

gonna go watch tv and think about how fucking stupid some people are....
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