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*Yucky Stage* Wooooo!!!!!!!!!

may i have your attention please??? lol..... well lately its been kidna boring lol.... ummmm nothing really new is happenin...... i was thiking today about how much i think stephanie is really a 3 year old girl on ritilin.... but eh, i dunno. shes kinda.... ya know... "special" hehe.... thats why i love her so much! lol.... i was thinking of how when were at her dads house it was thundering and lightening and like it was not scary... but freaky cuz its the first time it did it in a while.... and like she would play with soemthing and then throw it across the roomand be like NEXT TOY!!!! im like oh dear god haha.

before that.... we were driving but here dad went into a store real quick and i was soooooo super hyper!! and this group of guys walked out so im screaming "HEY!!! HI!!! HELLO!!!!" but steph would lemme roll my window down... bitch lol..... THEN a white van pulled up and i screamed SNIPER!!!! lol.... it was funny....

ok so last night was the first volleyball game i went to this season..... we won:):):) we were so great hehe out boys are grade A meat!!! they were strippin!!! they were strippin!!!! and my sadie said she felt soggy and i thought of rice krispies so i told her she was my soggy rice crispy hehe

i'm excited cuz i made my appointment for my drivers test.... woo!!! lol cannot wait!!! hehehehe

remember me???

mmhmm..... letr see how things work out....
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