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well i havent beebn writing but maybe i will now i dunno lol.... havent been in the writing mood.... too much school and things to worry bout writing....

today i passed my drivers test and it was so great! i loved it!! my picture even looks good!!! hehehe im so excited! lol the guy was kind of rude and when he got in the car i was like hey!! and hes like pull up.... im like well arent u as sweet as a bowl of peaches.... he kidna laughed and was ike are u gonna parallel park or what? im like sure! haha..... i did that really well.... then he ahd me driving around he back of dunmore by hte industrial park and it was ok lol.... i didnt get any points take off excpet at the end i pulled in "too fast" well he didnt say htt he jes loudly stated thst i should take it easy lol... i told him i was making sure he was paying attention lol. before the test he asked me to use my turn signals to see if they worked... and i did and hes like good girl.... i looked at him and was like... geeze make me soujd like a dog.... not loud enough to hear of coarse lol... but he got better after i caleld him my bowl of peaches haha.... hehe..... ok well i have to go drive by myself to pick mom up now...

then otngiht..... ahhh.... i cant wait!!!

whos got the car tonight??? *jumps up and down screaming* ME!! MEEEEE!!!!!!! woooo!!!!! hehehehehe cant wait!!!!!

my girl stephs only got 6 days left for her big day!!!! congrats love!!!!!
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