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Hot... Hot... Hot... Warm??? No... Definatly Hot...

why hello there.... so nice of you to drop in for a visit! please come in... take a seat on my puffy pillow filled couch... would you like a cup of coffe?? iced tea?? WATER!? dammit drink something!!! water? ok surely.... *walks out of room..*

*returns with garden hose* here's ur drink...

ok so my day was hot... so i thought you deserved a garden hose to ya know cool off a bot... maybe take a drink or soemthing.... not to worry... its good.... its not town water hehe.... like i would do that to you.... HAVE FAITH MAN HAVE FAITH!!!

well i tried sleeping thrui today as much as possible... i get to get up early tomorrow morning... same time as if taking mom to dialysis but im not.... im going to the Newark airport in NJ to get chris!!:):):):) i'm tagging along with his mama and gary! woo! how exciting! hehe

2nite is Comedy Central night!!!
Friday Nights Are Great For Dates... And Since Urs Hasnt Showed Up Yet Watch Comedy Central Instead!!!!

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