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The Smell Of Waking Up, Is Folger's In A Cup!

Soooo Drinking Coffee Right Now!!!

so last night at midnight mom decide;'s we need to take her to the hospital for her foot.... understandbale.... so manry, stephanie Z., mary, mom, and i all get in the car and go.... so now idont get home til 4 this morning.... yes... its is a little after 5 right now.... i just racked myself up an hour of sleep! wooo!!!! im not tired much but my eyes hurt a little lol....

now im off to chris's house so that i can go with his mom and gary to get him from the airport.... imn NEWARK, NEW FREAKING JERSEY! lol...

hmmm ill be all awake when he comes on lol.... im so excired though! man i missed chris!!! lol

tonight it harford fair with cassi... her firned james.... and maube chris... we'll see how tired he is... then again i dont wanna hear anyone talk about how tired they are right now lol.... i mean hello!? ive got one hour of sleep in me haha... oh well... hehe im pretty hyped up so yeah im good hehehehe ok im too giddy right now so im gonna go calm myself and drive to gary and susan's:):)
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