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Slaps Self In Head... Sleep? Why Bother?

sp o was on my coffee and sugar rush this morning... all exvited to go get chris from the airport with susan and gary... yep... i had a half hour of mother*freaking*sleep.... but i was more than happy because i was going to see chris...

we get to Newark and susan just got done telling me how shed have me go to meet him because they only let one person go up and meet them... so i was so excited cuz i mean she hasnt seen her son in 3 weeks but she was going to let me go see him first! and the lady at the desk infored us taht the ticketr said the 23rd but taht that wasw when he was leaving sacramrnto... we're like are u for freaking real? so we had the wrong morning... one day too early... so anyway... we get back into the car and drive 2 hours home... in the mean time im sad cuz theres no chris with me on the way home... but then realized i get to go tomorrow morning and get him... this kid is great cant wait to see him again!!!!

tonight i also went to the harford fair.... best damn fair in these here parts hehehe... i love the country sometimes lol... we went to see the demolision derby hehehe its so much fun to watch!!! i seriously would love to be in one! i wanna drive a big huge pink cadillac in it hehehehe.... my god it looks so awesome!!!! :):):):):)

well now that its almost midnight and i must be up at 5 am to go get chris... AGAIN.... im gonna go get some rest hehehehe....

who needs sleep when you got coffee and sugar...? beats the sleep outta me!

sweetdreams to you all... and to you late sleepers.... dont talk to me...;)
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