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Home From Newark... This Time To Stay...

well i got home a little bit ago from getting chris from the airport. his mom, gary, and i had fun though driving down lol. like, ya know how when there is a statue of jesus or soemthing he has his arms kinda spread out cuz its suppose to be a conforting kind of thing. well we went by one because there is a catholic college on the way there (not sure waht one but it has no relevence) and he goes "oh look, jesus is telling us about the big one taht got away, it was thiiiiis big" hahaha it was sooo funny!!!!

on a less "going to hell" note, i was so happy to see chris!! he seemed tired haha i wonder why. his flight left last night cali time and then came in early this morning and he didnt get to sleep on hte plane.. so thats sucky. i hope he feels better after his nap. i don't want to push him though cuz he just had to leave all of his friends and his best friend, and i dont wanna give him the impression that i dont care ya know? but hes coming over tonight abd we're gonna hang out here at my house... and moms not home so this makes my life even better!

on the way home chris and i sat in the back seat. we had pillows and a blanket in case he wanted to sleep ya know? i was just there for the welcoiming committee hehe. anyways.... i had the pillows on my lap.. well kida,, half on my lap half on the seat.. and so chris was sorta laying down and had his head on he pillow and it was so sweet to just see him sleeping... it soudns corny but it was so... soothing... ok now that i sound like an idiot.... we pulled into the house and im like whoa i didnt realize i fel asleep and susan is like eyah we saw... u guys ooked so cute back there hehe im like aww... so it wasa good day.... but tonight will be better hehe...

gotta go straiten up for chris's arrival haha...

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