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Beautiful Night

so this is the last day of summer vacation... and last night was the last real summer night.... it was definatly a great one. chris came over around 7 and we hung out a little then when to see jordan for a little...... he enjoyed that haha. then we went to see cassi and her boy. that was pretty good too. kerry and saide were there so we went to perkins to hang out and talkm and we had soo much fun oh my goodness... they were throwing things and everything... man i was glad i wasnt the waitress hahaha... anyway

im too tired to be funny or tellyou about last night... it was just fun and now today i have work from 4 to 9 which shouldnt be too bad lol... i like working at the video place! and after work i get to go see chris... my life isnt too bad haha....
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