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*When Irish Eyes Are Smiling*

today was soo much fun!!!!

steph and i got up about 5 this morning hehe so we could get all redy for our day of IRISH*NESS hehe.... we sprayed our hair green.... wore out pimp hats.... and of coarse i had my green feather boa..... hell yea!! hehe...

so steph and i were in scranton about 630!!! lol mom wanted the front parking spot and of coarse we get ther eand someone in it!! so i wasnt happy at all.... but steph and i left and walked arounf the city for a lil while..... then we were walking back to the car to get warm and we saw the truck leave in front of us... so we moved the car up really quick hehehe.... so mom had a front seat hehe... then steph and i wlaked back to the mall and saw justine and joey!! wow!! fun stiff!! hehe so they hung out with us which was sooo uch fun hehe im glad we saw them!!! we were standing there ya know talking bout how we wwnated to kill all hte little kids and their moms hehe.... then were watching the parade and we saw they had a big balloon... and it was a turtle.... and it ripped on the light.... i felt sooo bad cuz they are so hard to replace and expensive... but we were like "ouch i guess its shell wasnt as hard as they thought it was" lol it was funny when we said that lol....

then i saw ROB THERE!!!!! fucking kill me.... after he said he wasnt going to be there.... the ass.... i'm like oh i see u showed up hes like oh hey! yea.... iml ike mmhmm.... so we talked a couple minutes then he realized i was really angry and kinda tried being nice..... i dont know why i care.... i dont know.... whatever....

then i saw my cousin in hte parade (who i call my uncle cuz hes older lol..... hes the one that owns the pub) and i was like screaming his name!! and he completly ignored me! so i was angry cuz i thought he ignored me.... but i gues after the parade he saw my mom and told her he didnt see me.... so maybe he didnt hear me.... but who cant hear me screaming!? oh well.... he said that when i get my lisense to call him and we'll have breakfast at the pub... his treat! i cant wait! i love my cousin jimmy:):):):):):)

stephanie annie passed my Irish Pal Test lol.... anyone who can get up at 5 in hte morning and walka round scranton all day and not complain definatly passes thet est..... great job steph.... ur an honorary irish girl forever;) congrats!!!

mom and i are looking for other places to live.... its always kinda exciting to move cuz everythings new.... but theres alwyas something u miss ya know? we might move back to he lake though..... that'd be awesome! i miss the lake... i love it so much!!! i'd be like 2 miles from stephanie! lucky girl she is!!! wouldnt ya say!? lol theres a really cool house we were looking at and it has a screeened in pourch.... and a kitchen, dining area, livingroom, bedroom, and bathroom downstairs.... hten upstairs has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom..... i get my own loving area!!! lol my mom will ake the dwn staris bedroom.... im so exvited! lol anywayz...

im soooooo tired....... off to bed..... lol

i cant wait til summer time!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! week long road trips!!!! god i love it!!!!:):):)

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